Helia Singh is a financial educator, Wealth/Finance coach and the Director of Assurance Finance & Business Solutions. She has a passion for finance and is keen to share what she has learned over many years dealing with money and clients from all walks of life.

Arriving in Australia in 1996 as a migrant from a non-English speaking background, she started work in the financial industry soon after. In her early days, Helia realised that professionals outside of the finance industry had difficulty comprehending finance. As such, they would seek out professional advice to interpret financial jargon and complex tax laws.

In 2006, Helia started Assurance Business Finance Solutions, allowing her to work more closely with customers. Initially focusing on mortgages and wealth creation, she discovered through working with many clients that overall financial literacy in Australia is generally low with most people possessing little understanding on how to plan and achieve financial goals. Helia found herself resolving the same problems over and over by applying her sound financial knowledge and planning skills.

It was the repetitive nature of this work that made Helia realise that she should focus on educating her clients as well as helping them resolve their financial problems. As the saying goes, give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. While through her consulting she was resolving issues for clients, many of them would be destined to make similar mistakes and poor decisions without some basic knowledge of finance principles, tax legislation, planning, and budgeting.

Since her early years in Assurance Business Finance Solutions, Helia Singh has been providing her clients with education as part of her consulting. This is why she refers to herself as a Wealth/Finance coach and not a financial advisor. A coach is someone who will help you achieve your goals by making sure you learn the skills needed along the way.

In 2014, Helia gathered her knowledge together and distilled it into two eBooks, making them available on Amazon, “How to Save Money when there is No Money: Essential Guide for Better Financial Management for Everyone” and “11 Property Myths Busted: Essential Guide for Home Buyers to Avoid Traps with Common Myths (How To Save Money When There Is No Money)”

Through her experiences over nearly twenty years with numerous clients, Helia realised that lack of financial knowledge and literacy is the primary source of financial abuse and domestic violence. She finds it heart-breaking to see that even the most highly educated and professional individuals can experience financial abuse. This insight led Helia to write a guide on how to recognise financial abuse, which is freely available on her website.

Helia believes her most significant personal achievement to date has been the development of her Financial Freedom Formula course – a program based on her own experience to help everyone make money, eliminate financial stress, start a business and strategies to increase profit. She began teaching Financial Freedom Formula to individuals and groups through her financial coaching program to help develop the financially literate entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The course received rave reviews, word spread quickly, and as a result, Helia was contacted by the Department of Justice to run her Financial Freedom workshop for women in prison.

During the workshop, Helia was humbled to hear how some of the women had ended up in prison due to a lack of financial knowledge. It also re-affirmed her view that lack of financial knowledge and literacy is the primary driver behind the controlling financial abuse. The positive response and feedback from residents after completing the course with Helia was overwhelming, making it a personal highlight of 2017.

Helia Singh genuinely believes in the concept of finding suitable products for her customer’s versus finding customers for her products. This philosophy keeps Helia up to date with constant industry changes and helps her to evolve and become a better Wealth/Financial coach.

Throughout her career, Helia has seen many challenges faced by clients helping them to overcome their financial barriers and build a brighter future. She would love to help you too!

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